Isabel Benenato. Spring/Summer 2017 – Milan



(Images from  All credit due)

Isabel Benenato is one of the newer avant-garde designers who has been clearly inspired and influenced by Yohji Yamamoto, with an emphasis on simplicity with it’s draped styles, asymmetrical cuts and deconstructive looks.  Able to meld Merino (light) wool, linen and Viscose/cotton blends for her Spring Summer 2017 collection, Benenato skillfully represents a relaxed and fluid style.  However Benenato’s pitch to sell upmarket styled clothing is probably aiming too high for the exclusive markets.   That is not to detract from the luxury based quality, but originality needs to accompany exclusivity, which is an ongoing process to reach benchmarks that are distinct.

An admirable mention is Benenato’s use of hemp (more so with her Fall/Winter collections), which eventually and should replace the cotton industry.   Due to the high levels of water waste and pesticide use.


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