D.Gnak. Spring/Summer 2017 – Seoul Fashion Week

A label that began in 2006 by South Korean designer Dong-Jun Kang.  An intricately well crafted, yet simple Avant-garde styles that have an overall accessibility.  The exclusive, even with it being more of a produced label, representation from D.Gnak comes from the fact that quality control is exceptional.  I know this as I own several pieces from this label noting the quality assurance tags.  So despite Dong-Jun Kang collections not being overly aimed at top shelf apparel markets, a designer that shows honor and appreciation towards his buyers goes a long way in my book.  What that also means, in relation to mass produced quality checked clothing, is that a clothing label such as D.Gnak is not necessarily looking to be acquired by a bigger commercial label.  Rather it requires hard work of building a designer label from the ground up, defining styles and reassuring that quality within your own market place.  In the end you’ll remain in control of what you create.

D.Gnak’s theme show for Seoul Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 is life, death and rebirth.  Holding true to Eastern Asian beliefs of the cycles of life. Seen in Buddhist and Taoist teachings.  The Ying and Yang, the white and black, male and female.  The two opposing concepts.  Day and night, never to blend, opposites, but one in the same.  Meditative and perspective  beliefs.  Clear the mind of consciousness, believe and create only in the now.  Flowing, peaceful, serene collection from Dong-Jun Kang, styled beautifully.  Confidant and relaxed. As noted the cuts are both intricate and simple.  A homage to Korean styles with a Western influence


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