Damir Doma . Autumn/Winter 2017 – Milan Fashion Week

When a fashion designer is also an artist, you have a merging of visual aesthetics. Damir Doma has achieved this with his collections. Autumn/Winter 2017 is a perfect example of beautifully crafted clothing, his subtle deconstruction of fabrics, a manipulation of styles – in which Doma has formed as his own. This collection is a dystopian break down of concepts only to be rebuilt, the unpicking of threading, draped and over sized tops and coats.

It is an adaptation that is essential in fashion, more so, if the designer can adapt a look that is unique. To achieve this evocation, as a representation of the now, Doma offers a style that is not restricted by traditional concepts, however at the same time he is aware of them. For example the draped Polo Coats (camel) that sit over dark-layered clothing is a clash of cultural identity, but the rule book has not been thrown out, just updated and rewritten.

He is also able to show the dichotomy of contrasts, in fashion, black must not be seen exclusively as a “color” base, but rather a backdrop to accentuate the darker or in this case the neutrality of lighter shades. The skill is to piece together a pallette and style that holds it’s own. Damir Doma AW2017 collection has achieved this perfectly.

(please also refer to Damir Doma Spring 2017 review)


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