Versace Men’s Fall 2017 – Milan Fashion Week


(Images from  All credit due.)

Versace has more money than you and doesn’t care.  Why should it?  Donatella Versace’s skill base and her presentation of designs is what should be shown and taught to students, of course not to plagiarize, in which I see a lot of these days from lessor influences.  What should be noted and studied is the absolute attention to details.  Maintaining creative styles and building upon that market foundation and never, as a wise man once said, ‘…break the chain‘.  Which is so correct.  What could neutralize the plagiarism in students of today are two aspects that relate to social economic conditioning, one would be shrinking down Universities to the bare minimum and making it harder to enter into design courses.  The other would be to ensure students learn to maintain and develop their own styles to the end.  Who knows what paths will be taken as the promise of fame comes with hard work and pain.  But the rewards are infinite in those moments.

The runways from London and now Milan for men’s Fall 2017 collections continue with the hit and miss affair, messy styles, kitsch and reworked punk aesthetics.  However the trends emerging, as I have thought, are pleats, tartan patterns, sewn/printed patches and lampasse military stripes.   Versace has slammed into their men’s Fall collection with a flawless and precise showing of the above trends that I have just mentioned.  It’s laser cut precision mixed with an absolute perception of current market trends.



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