Boris Bidjan Saberi Men’s Fall 2017 – Paris Fashion Week




(Images from  All credit.)

Boris Bidjan Saberi Fall 2017 collection in my opinion, so far is the highlight of Men’s Fall Paris Fashion Week.  One must keep in mind what the Paris shows are all about, less is the formal wear as in the Milan shows.  Paris is about maintaining originality, pushing boundaries and in turn making a statement which are bold concepts.  That, by it’s originality is distinctive in it’s creation, the uniqueness of the Paris shows is the appeal.  So the risqué becomes absolute.  Saberi does not miss that opportunity of expression with the Paris Fashion Weeks which is evident in his collections, so it should be noted and observed when studying his runway shows.  This is not a unisex or a cross over to femininity in men’s fashion, by it’s very essence it is the epitome of masculinity.  Tough, resilient and strong as there maybe no tomorrow.  A warrior faces the kakotopia he knows it is here and deals with the now.  Standing firm against aversion, so you focus and lead.  Resilience and fight to the end.

Saberi’s Fall 2017 collection maintains it’s resilient masculinity.  It is survival wear, linen shirts, trousers that sit under heavy cotton, wool and leathers.  Doomsday already happened, venture out make the world yours.  Mountaineering boots, spiked with durable combat style footwear.  Practical furs for the nuclear winter or when the asteroid strikes the Earth.  Natures aggression or human folly either way one must survive.  Creative work with facial makeup, symmetrical lines.  A respect to the indigenous and shamanic tribes of the world.  A perfectly themed collection.

For Boris Bidjan Saberi Fall 2017 collection, his expertize in maintaining the neutral and achromatic palette continues.  Please refer to Boris Bidjan Saberi SS2017 – Paris Fashion week.  This would suggest a possible interest in costume and/or design for movie production.


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