Nicholas K. Fall/Winter 2017/2018 – New York Fashion Week


(Image from  All credit)

Nicholas and Christopher Kunz Fall 2017 Winter 2018 collection represents a least bohemian chic styling that of previous shows, replaced with more of a serious and intense urban collection.  Described as a 1990s ‘hiphop’ inspiration, in tow, unfortunately, it only reveals an aura of faux wealth appeal.  That will demote away from any serious affair (which I feel was trying to be conveyed with this collection), which is a shame as mixing Eastern styles and tribal influences intermixed into Western aesthetics could be an interesting 21st century take on 1920s Exoticism, which has not be seen as yet on the runways, as an attempt at revisiting the historic Gazette du Bon Ton era, I suspect it would be portrayed more in a dark and mysterious array.   A reconciling of human values from all perspectives in a globalized world.  Very hard and challenging for a designer to achieve.   Nicholas K shows moments of that potentiality at melding new fashion into a renewed Exoticism, with their Fall 2017 collection,  noted the exaggerated nose piercings ala Septum’s.  However of all the accessory trends of the last five years, that Septum nose piecing is the most overdone.

Despite the collection harboring degrees of confusion as set pieces of a 1990s rework while attempting to bring in a new dynamic, the standouts were the flowing silk dresses, draped off the shoulder looks.  With some of the most exceptional dyed silks (one in particular) patten work that I have ever seen.  Beautiful color combination and blending.   Truly amazing.  Gold and copper metallic styles, boots, pants and headscarf’s.  Power looks, but as I mentioned, if runs a faux appeal, which in the end will look kitsch.  Again, one should not note the 1990s as an era of overwhelming inspiration.  An argument for another day.   Winter 2018 and some of the Fall 2017 outfits looks rushed which were the hiphop stylized attempts.  Rather, the gracious, mysterious and exotic looks shined through.


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