Assembly RTW Fall 2017 (Overview) – New York



(Images from nymag/Vogue/Public Domain. All credit to Assembly)

I have to be honest, but I know very little about Assembly as a label, except for the canvas bags that I’ve  seen.  Yes,  obviously  it is clothing label, but I pass on very quickly with no interest in street wear or urban style designers.  To me, the 1990s was a misfire in so many ways from designs to it’s lack of innovation with clothing – It was an inundation of the inane that now sixteen years plus into the 21st century, we still feel it’s residual immaturity.

With that being said, Assembly from what I know of Greg Armas (designer) intent as an independent style clothing store, beginning in Los Angeles then moving to New York.  There is an obvious New York romanticism in it’s new projection.  But why not?  Forget the 90s, look at the early 80s and late 70s for inspiration.  If it works, it works.  And, Assembly works.  As far as urban style aesthetics, there is a seeping originality, despite drawing influences from thirty years of street styles. Assembly deserves a deeper critique, as I see the potential for something unique to evolve out of Armas’s collections.



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