Dondup. RTW Fall 2017 (overview) – Milan




(Images from Vogue, Nymag.  All rights to Dondup)

I have a soft spot for Dondup, only because I own a pair of pants, faded dark blue camo, that have stood the test of time. Well made and well designed. Like Max Mara and SportsMax, Dondup are a mainstream, corporate originated brand. Which means they hold significant market share of the Italian retail/clothing sector.  So clothing labels such as Dondup are heavily advertised and sold, with aggressive marketing to various trends. This is pure capitalism in apparel retail and promotion.  Ruthless, uncaring and intense in its approach.  It’s validity can only be seen by it’s item of clothing that you may or maybe not be interested in purchasing. The choice is yours. I am no fan or follower, I just know what I like and if decided at certain times, I will buy, but any furtherance is secondary to motive.

Androgyny as a hard hitting sex appeal. Once again one should note that androgynous fashion is exclusively a female look.  But sexuality has dualities that lie within the mysterious.    Otherwise it is boring.    Reds, grays, black/white, wool and cotton ensembles.  Well cut and fitted, Lampasse stripes, which I am a fan of and so are the Italians, modernist/military styled coats that the late Italian futurist Luigi Russolo would be proud of.  A clean cut, slightly fetish appeal with stylized combat boots.

Enchanting within it’s rigidity.


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