Situationist. RTW Fall 2017 (overview) – Milan

Situationist RTW Fall 2017

Situationist RTW Fall 2017

Situationist RTW Fall 2017

(Images from the Public Domain all rights to Situationist)

Milan ready-to-wear Fall 2017 was mostly a fizzer.  Only to be surpassed by the prior New York Fashion week, which I thought would be a slogan and backlashed, self indulgent whitewash.  When in fact, despite some moments of the tedium, it was a solid showing from most labels.  As opposed to Milan Fall 2017 which was a sloppy, lazy mess to say the least, mega million dollar fashion houses showcasing their subsidiary  brands, with a terrible pandering by Donatella Versace to appease media hyped protest movements.  Which in all retrospect do not exist, and certainty proponents of the ‘revolution’ couldn’t afford an “Equality”  Versace beanie at $250USD.  So it takes a 25 year old Georgian fashion designer called Irakli Rusadze to bring back some aspects of meritocracy to the complacent with his label Situationist.

If learned or self taught, I believe Irakli Rusadze was self taught, attention to detail is paramount.  Yes, machines can laser cut designs such as Versace and Yves Saint Laurent on a mass scale.  Precision that is close to flawless.  Rusadze’s Fall 2017 collection is hand cut, you can see this, with some very unique layering and folds, more so noted with the mid length and long wool coats.  However there is a need for improvement as Rusadze tries to find theme and momentum, this could plague on technique and skills over time.

Situationist Fall 2017 revealed an interesting, modernist and straight forward collection.   As a backdrop against the established labels of Milan Fall 2017, Irakli Rusadze instilled himself as the rising star.


*As a side note, pertaining to Rusadze’s ethnicity.  My new book Cataclysmal has a Georgian character as one of the central characters.


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