Very short story prompt (14)


Wrong turn, left hand path.  Broken in persistence.  Hard life is its reverence.  Could you make it.  Through my eyes maybe not.  Was it a wrong turn?  I don’t think it was.  Luck and fate are curses imposed.  It is only through darkness I’ve seen light.  But as ants they will always crawl over the vermin.   Life distorted and dissolved.  No sympathy.  My inspiration is for the ones who strive.  From nothing to become power.  Have never known.  Cast down.  Clawed my way out. Taken years.  Won’t stop.  Until the light is reached.  Will claim what is mine.  Ocular migraines, fractured reality since I was young.  A curse from nature.  But I do see as they pander and the weak stay attached to misery.

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