Excerpt from the 1933 movie “Baby Face”

I received a message from someone who read the Alexander Wang review for NY Fashion week (Fall 2017).  They wanted to know what was the script reference from that was written into the review of that show.  I found this clip on youtube which is the visualization of that particular scene/script.

The movie is ‘Baby Face’ (1933) with Barbara Stanwyck playing a woman struggling in life.  This is as close to reality within melodrama as you can get pre the Hays Code which was the beginning of Christian morals moving into Hollywood, it took awhile to be totally implemented, but a lot of incredibly risqué movies came out of Hollywood from the 1930 to the 1950s.  The 1960s was more so split into the underground ‘Grindhouse’ cinema and the onset of drive in theaters, thus a small movie industry were able to avoid that most ridicules coding system you could wish that was intended to suppress creativity.  The 1980s saw straight to video ‘nasties’ and the beginning of a backlash against censorship and movie coding that also ran into issues with the more extreme aspects of feminism and/or social construct theory that once again played on censorship cues (that began with religious dogma).  All the while both aspects fed off each other well into the 20th Century and to a degree into the confused 21st Century – as Hollywood panders to the highest bidder via hashtag populism, with creativity caught within a loop of backlashed tedium.  So, the above scene from Baby Face is as significant then as it is now.  It’s about power play and how that effects our lives, regardless of our moral or ethical perspectives, whether they are leaned or predisposed from evolution.  The harsh reality of survival is part of human nature.


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