Dusan. Fall 2017 RTW (Overview)

Dusan RTW Fall 2017

Dusan RTW Fall 2017

(Images from WWD. All credit to Dusan)

In a financial bubble world, that we are all currently part of, which means central bank planning (money printing) expansion of credit and debt mixed with larges dashes of technocrats attempting to manage and coordinate the populous of various countries in the West that have merged socialism with crony capitalism.  You have two aspects, one, inflation, two, an inundation of a sameness.  In other words creativity begins to decline replaced by a plain structure. Which as we all know is the rigid tantalization of socialism as an aesthetic i.e  we all look the same.  One cannot deny the influences from economic and social dynamics on art and of course fashion.  Thus in simple terms the expansion of credit and debt within our society, as an example, has produced too many artists and too many designers, fashion or otherwise.  The decline (and it’s dilution) in originality within fashion has been testament to this in the last five years.  Plagiarism and the reworking of ideas that were laid down in stone when money, or at least loans, were hard to come by.  So you worked harder in creating an impression.

Dusan Paunovic’s Ready to Wear Fall 2017 collection encapsulates that drab, conditioned and reflective aspect of a society that has lost touch with creativity.  Despite that fact that Paunovic is backlashing against fashion with his take on “anti celebrity fashion” his price tags are not.  I don’t mind contradiction, it can at times be an interesting selling point.  But social commentary or a gimmicky leftist backlash does not fit the program, especially when your prices start at $500+ for a t-shirt.  Beyond tedious.



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