Loris Diran. Fall 2017 Men’s – New York Fashion week (overview)

Loris Diran Men's Fall 2017Loris Diran Men's Fall 2017Loris Diran Men's Fall 2017

(Images from NYtimes.  All credit to Loris Diran)

Loris Diran Fall men’s 2017 collection is exceptional.  Beautifully cut, with some of the cleanest lines that I’ve seen so far in a collection for Fall 2017.  In fact, almost perfect.  Because it utilizes simplicity within it’s minimalist style, yet despite the subtle aspects it also projects a blunt in-your-face appeal.  Which is so hard to create as a designer, as a fine balance, such as Diran’s collection, is usually only achieved when one thinks less about their action in creating form.  Known in Chinese Taoist philosophy as Wu Wei, the action of non-action. As according to commentary of Drian’s Fall 2017 show, it was mentioned that his influences have been of the Eastern spiritual beliefs and philosophy that have impacted on this collection, which in-turn has been weaved into Diran’s conceptualization with precision.  Also one can see, although possibly not conscious,  the 1999 movie ‘The Matrix’ stylization and contemporary fusion of the cyberpunk warrior and Japanese anime.

Loris Diran’s titled ‘Back to Black’ Fall 2017 collection abridges the duality of black and neutral grays – against the equally achromatic whites, which have been expertly arranged in this Fall 2017 collection. Wool pants, blazers/jackets, jumpers with cotton long shirts and t-shirts.  Accessories, such as satchel bags and aesthetically styled tactical/combat gloves.  Tough, resilient inner city wear for the neon lit urban jungle, as a backdrop against the facade of crumbing buildings that is our post empire world.


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