An image of the Milky Way’s Black Hole.

No black holes have ever been seen, only artistic impressions.  The physics with it’s discovery of black holes within the Universe, has only been viewed when masses of stars circulate a region of space which also emits x-rays – seen as the tale tell extremities that is the destructive gravitational forces of a black hole.  Of late, with the The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) gravity waves have been detected when two black holes collided millions of years ago.  The collision creates a disturbance in space time, a ripple that causes space and time to warp.

In reference to the recent efforts in imaging the black hole at the center of our Galaxy, The Milky Way

From:  National Geographic 

“These are the observations that will help us to sort through all the wild theories about black holes. And there are many wild theories, involved in the project, with data from this project, we will understand things about black holes that we have never understood before.” Said Gopal Narayanan at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.”

“The challenge capturing this black hole, Sagittarius A is its size. Black holes can be massive a billion times larger than the size of its sun. But Sagittarius A is only a little bigger than the sun, making it incredibly hard to pinpoint.  According to Narayanan, it’s kind of like trying to capture a grapefruit on the moon.”

Please also refer to my books, all have discussed the abnormalities and strange physics of our Universe.


Paradox of the Locus



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