Very short story prompt (13)


Yes, I don’t believe, but nor do I believe you. Factionalism and it’s dogma. Twisted truths all around and sell me a dream. Won’t buy because I can see through divisions of the obsolete. Sit there and try and win a side. Flawed is the best I can see. Death is the great equalization. When will you see that nature does not care about you. Alone here in this world. Brutal existence all but pain. But I choose not to suffer. Won’t succumb to the lingering distress. Offer a way out for the self. See reality is that unclear. We have to strive to win and overcome. The universe is our true enemy that serves no purpose but our destruction. Mediate on the power within. Despite the flaws I only see human ingenuity. Within time I would rather let go than be dragged into the abyss of misery.


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