It’s back. KIC 8462852 or Tabby’s star is dimming once again.


(Our Sun  is a G-type star, Tabby’s star is a F-type.  Image above did not have attached copyright.  Therefor it is considered a public domain.  Advisable for creators of images to embed ‘rights’ into image)

I have been following these light ‘dipping’ abnormalities attached to the findings for KIC 8462852 or Tabby’s star, as an analytical (in a journalistic sense) observer, since October 2015.  For all my Tabby’s star posts please refer to this link.

KIC 8462852 is showing signs of losing it’s illumination once again, seen in May 2017,  there has been an apparent large drop in it’s brightness.  Up to this point in time there has only been numerous speculative guesses within the scientific realm.  But most are just that – an educated guess.  Modeling is still based on assumptions via current known observations from other stars and their light dipping/planetary transits.  However when it comes to a drop in a star’s brightness Tabby’s star is in a realm of it’s own.

Astronomers at University of Valencia in Spain believe they have found the answer to the riddle of Tabby’s star.  The smaller F-type star has had a transit by a huge ringed planet, like Saturn, which is also trailing a mass of asteroids that equals a mass such as Jupiter.   KIC 8462852 is considered a F-type main-sequence star and our Sun is a G-type main-sequence star, which is slightly smaller and cooler than Tabby’s Star.  The theory  of a massive ringed planet and a trail of super dense asteroids moving in front of a star that is larger than our Sun, is as abnormal as the witnessed light dipping – but with one exception, the light discrepancies KIC 8462852 have been observed.

The mystery will continue.

The article: Rings and asteroids may explain ‘alien megastructure’ star from New Scientist. 30th May 2017


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