“Temples of Pandæmonium”


Is it time to restructure the purpose.  To be become full circle?

Yes, rejoining the fracture.  The wound that was opened.  now closes, you begin to heal.  Suffering should not be the option, as we know,  pain is inevitable.  However one must not dwell –  as strength is eternal.  That you must recite.

I understated.  I’ve walked for a long time, mostly in the dark, alone.

As great warriors do, you must go to places that frighten the common man.  Be alone and rise from that darkness.  You see, the Universe is an uncaring and brutal existence to the human purpose.  We, as an intelligent life form, at this point in time, are alone in the cosmos.  Many fail to know this, their petty disputes and disagreements justify only one thing.

Their own fears.

That is correct.  Strengthen the mind, the body is secondary.  Power arises from that connection with the self.  Interestingly, religion and other aspects of theocratic beliefs, attempts at reconciling ones self.  The look at the light,  to move towards the light.  Their belief is of being reborn.  The problem with that is you must embrace the dark, we come from darkness and we will go to darkness.  Light, has to illuminate within the darkness.   You do not go to it, as ultimately all around us there is no light.  Only it’s reflection.   You cannot grasp light, or attempt to attain it.  This leads to distress. 

Then what is illumination?

Look at the stars, they are for the most part hydrogen based, nuclear reactors that burn their fuel brightly, beacons in the cosmos, for billions of years.  But they fade, compress, and when their fuel is exhausted –  shrink and die.  Some explode, so in the end their light is gone and darkness replaces.  In a dramatic state, a star that collapses, as it’s hydrogen core cannot cope with the pressure of gravity from what physicists deem a hydrostatic equilibrium, the outcome is a gravitational collapse.  Thus it becomes a black hole.  We also know of dark matter which, speculatively, holds Galaxies together.  The predomination of darkness is the fixture viewed from our realities.   Light is generated internally.

Because we have it within our selfs

Yes, from within.  We are our own light bearers.  You walk in the darkness and will be alone more times than not.  But you carry the illumination.  It is within you, we are made of the stars, that reside in the abyss.


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