Gucci – Resort 2018


(Image from Vogue.  All credit to Gucci. Model: Jehnny Beth from the Savages)

This is appallingly bad.  Any attempt at originality and distinction has been wiped away with a horrific take on 1960s counter culture.  The inept lack of imagination and risk is not even worth mentioning in its details, which I won’t even grace an acknowledgment of the actual designer.  Even the ‘laser’ cut clothes via the Gucci empire is so amateurish it’s astounding.

Ok, yes we’re all searching for that renewed counter culture.  For one, it will not come from the Universities as an overblown education system which is a joke.  Drawing from past rebellion holds no relevance for today – you’ll have to think a little harder.  I’ll leave that as an open surmise.  As far as 1970s and 80s counter culture icons.  They must be turning in their graves (if they are dead), or more aware than ever that they became a product of marketable aesthetics, such as punk and have backlashed on themselves (like the hippies).

Sh*t doesn’t always sell, even if you want to pander to the confused.  They couldn’t afford it anyway.

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