3.1 Phillip Lim – Resort 2018



(Images from Vogue.com.  All Credit to Phillip Lim)

Resort is probably not a very good term for a year-round attire, it’s marketing is to bigger department stores, mainly in America.  So as a selling aspect to other markets, maybe 2018 ‘All Year’ wear could be more appropriate.  In the meantime before a name change (maybe?) Resort collections are usually safe, consistent and predictable.  Nothing overly distinct or ground breaking.  Yet, Phillip Lim for this collection is able to display his uniquely styled ensemble to represent his Resort 2018.  And it’s very good.

Undoubtedly it has a Avant-garde feel, yet it doesn’t limit itself to an restrictive exclusiveness of a certain style.  Beautifully arranged and exceptionally well cut clothing, pale blue and white cotton shirts and pants.  Floral patterns, asymmetrical skirts, Earth yellow set into wool blended tops which wrap around the models, a neat and sensual display.  At the same time a tough and resilient collection, black, camel military style wool blended trousers and Lampasse style sweatpants.  Also noted are the stark nylon or polyethylene crushed Stygian material as an outdoor style for jackets and trousers.  Functional footwear, from both the Western style ankle boots to the Asian influenced  Zhōngguó jié style knotted sandals.

Lim’s 2018 Resort collection, despite his assertion that it has a ‘nomadic’ feel, is more akin to the intensity of a city.  Tough, gritty and raw.  There is color there, but not much.   Is it adventure wear influenced by globalisation?  Or functional clothing that is a reflection of risk and danger within the metropolis?


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