6397 – Resort 2018


(Image from 6397. All credit)

I have a soft spot for the label 6397.  Normally I dislike slogans on t-shirts and any pandering to factionalism, more so the politicized aspects in fashion is a pointless endeavor – since a designer just wants to sell.  Might as well stay balanced, middle ground and focused on developing a look or style.  Many brands sink quickly within this failure in maintaining their appeal, which is the daunting reality of trying to stay original.  When a style is broken or a ‘look’ dismantled early in a designer’s career, this may lead to the beginning of the end for a brand.  Maintaining what you first created, in it’s form, is a crucial element in how to build a brand.  Not restarting from scratch in a structural sense, but rather maintaining the passion, the first joining of ideas which should never be broken.  Surprisingly this happens more times than not.  Usually a sign of poor teaching and mentoring.  Failure and disappointment, ups and downs.  Till the end.

In 2015 I wrote a very brief overview of 6397’s 2015 Fall collection.    All the while posting Richard Hell’s “Blank Generation”.    A review that was as minimalist as their clothing.  It seemed fitting.   Viewing 6397’s Resort 2018 collection, their take on minimalism which maybe developing into a unique modernist style for the label – one cannot help but notice 6397 as it solidifies it’s presence in todays fashion markets.  Since most fashion show representations from Couture to Ready-to-Wear do not follow those requirements for a particular fashion show – in our globalised world.  What is portrayed is a jumbled up display as an en masse inundation, in other words.  Even if the titles of  ‘fashion showcasing’ have lost their way, it will be the fashion critics and journalists who will sift through the mountain of clothing brands – looking for the ones that will shine through.

6397’s Resort 2018 is smart, neat and functional.   As mentioned it is more modernist than traditional Resort styles.  Mostly cotton and denim, with polyester/cotton blends for tops, skirts and blazers.  Once again, as noted in pre-fall trends for 2017, are the Lampasse stripes.  The military style “blood stripe (runs down the outside pant leg)”  is a great look and I have always been a fan.  Slogan tees that are smart and straight to the point with terms like “Rise”, “Truth” “Ups and Downs…Ok”.  Standouts are the darkened floral camouflaged style Bomber jacket, a pattern also seen on linen shirts and a one piece dress.  A sleek and well put together collection clearly aimed at the bigger department stores.  Regardless 6397 holds it’s own with distinction.


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