Berthold’s men’s Spring Summer 2018 – London Fashion Week (overview)


(Image from WWD.  All credit to Berthhold)

According to observations this was the designer Raimund Berthold’s first runway show via London Fashion Week – and a new perspective for the brand’s Spring Summer 2018 array.  To be honest, this is the first time I have heard of Berthold .  Never a big fan of London Fashion Weeks, for their usually impetuous and at times clumsy affairs.  Yet, on rare occasions certain newer brands shine through.  For Berthold’s Spring Summer 2018 collection it holds a mix of predictable and homogeneous aspects of Avant-garde fashion to Yohji Yamamoto’s stalwart  Y3 ‘sport’ styles.  From what can be seen on the runway is the use of Nylon, more notable are nylon jackets with their modernism, vector color style pattern arrangements over black.  Yes it works, but it’s been done to death, so therefore it is not groundbreaking.  Some of the fitting and cuts for the trousers and shorts look rushed, which can also be seen with the jackets.  Despite this, it holds a sleek appeal, sans the lack of originality.

On a side note is the designer’s bizarre influence for this SS2018 ‘collection’  – which being an inspiration for the runway aesthetics, as described in his post show commentary, are the child soldiers of Africa.  The risk, early in a career, is the fact the designer admitted being influenced by the ill fitted clothing on exploited children fighting in wars – particularly, as mentioned in Africa.





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