Kiko Kostadinov men’s Spring Summer 2018 – London Fashion Week (overview)

Kiko Kostadinov Men's Spring 2018

(Images from NY Times.  Credited to Now Fashion)

Kiko Kostadinov is clearly a talented designer, establishing his brand as a viable entry into the Avant-garde world of fashion.  Showing promising signs with his distinctly themed collections which are now evolving into a unique style.

For Kostadinov’s sleekly cut modernist styles for Spring Summer 2018, there is a mix of formal and casual under his luxury ensemble.   An industrial look, which also could relate to a futurist concept of post globalised world to a dystopic vision within urban environments.  Seen before with other established designers such as Rick Owens.    A stylized projection of formal wear, remodeled into the designers vision – and very cleverly presented.  This SS2018 collection is skillfully arranged and fitted, which you can tell as seen on the models.  Kostadinov’s attention to detail is impressive with the use of grays, dark blue and burgundy as the main color spectrum.  Also noting is white being mixed in, with yellow while at the same time not utilizing the achromatic of black.  A good lesson learned is that you can create a dark Avant-garde collection without the use of black.

Of course one could not miss the homage to 1986 movie “Manhunter” via the halfway pulled down stocking over the head of the models; in reference to the serial killer (fictional) the ‘Tooth Fairy’.

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