Les Hommes men’s Spring Summer 2018 – Milan Fashion Week (overview)



(Images from nycut.com All credit to Les Hommes)

Les Hommes creative directors Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch have set forth a bold, strong and focused representation for their men’s Spring 2018 collection. Neatly cut and arranged styles, with a not-so-subtle acknowledgement to 1977 London Punk, a fashionable take on the first wave of UK punk aesthetics – with it’s do it your self ad-hoc stitching, ‘safety pin’ inspired jewelery pieces (seen as an accessory on the faces and ears of the male models), leather jackets and layered belts.  A defined look that was more of an original predecessor to the other ‘waves’ of Punk to follow.  Although not to be mistaken that the collection by Notte and Vandebosch allows it’s self to be too reminiscent of the patchwork punk styles of yesteryear.  Their Spring 2018 collection for Les Hommes, despite the influences of DIY, is purely luxury driven.

Leather jackets, t-shirts and athletic short sleeved hoodies, baggy wool trousers and striking dragon embroidery work on jackets, with the punk influenced zips and draped belts with their leopard pattern styles which appear on several outfits ranging from full suits, pants, hooded vests and bomber jackets.  Modern and masculine styles are also present with Les Hommes’s innovative footwear and sleekly cut shorts and cotton tank-tops.    Also noted is the creative leather cross-stitch work on some of the beige (the only color) pieces in this collection, mixed with the use of black and white as a prominent achromatic fixture for Notte and Vandebosch’s Spring 2018 collection.



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