Very short story prompt (16)


(Titan ll, no longer in use.  The warhead it carried was at 9 Megatons: 9000 Kiltons of TNT)

It’s indifference maybe, but it doesn’t care about humanity.  The Universe.  Hydrogen fusion generated.  Not made for us, but we harness the destroy of worlds.   Alone in the cosmos, our true enemy is defined by it’s hatred towards life.  Thermonuclear stockpiles, aimed at the human race.  Nuclear fusion the ultimate power of stars as they die and be reborn.  But we won’t.  Locked on targets, 20 minutes before a whole civilization is left in ruins.

Theocratic lunacy, no after life.  Just here and now.  Our children with their untold suffering will ascend into nothing.  Radiation across the lands, like planetary dead zones.  Why bother searching for life, when we hold nothing of worth for our selfs.  We, the human being,  a rarity in it’s microcosmic infancy.  Yet to grow,  out true potential still not reached.  When we look up at the stars.  Revere I may, but submit I will not.


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