R13 Resort 2018 – New York (overview)

R13 Resort 2018

(Image from Vogue.  Credited to R13)

As noted in some of the Spring Summer 2018 shows from London to Paris fashion week/s. The retro styled punk look, pre 1980s is emerging as a possible (slight) trend for 2018. Or at least an attempt at setting down a renewed interest, despite the lack of originality of a designer choosing to source a style developed over 40yrs ago.  In which it was based on reconstructing formal styles within a DIY ethic. i.e blazers, formal looks – that were cleverly, back then, recreated to promote an original and very unique ‘anti-establishment’ look.  A style that set the groundwork for second rate imitation ever since, but without respect in noting the history of a very brief period in early punk rock, less than a couple of years from 1976 to 1978 – it was that individuality  which in turn was able to display a style that had never been seen before.

The brand R13 have attempted to recreate these bygone styles from many years ago.  But neither is it ground breaking or original.

Disappointing, when fashion is short on new ideas and/or is pandering to department stores that may be dictating styles for their catalogs.  The unfortunate plundering of past concepts that were, as mentioned, unique and original for that time in history, maybe more of a cultural detriment than we realize.


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