Temples of Pandæmonium – Meditation


Time and the natural construct of time, do not care about you.  This is important to note.  Our solar system travels through the Milky Way at 515,000 mph, despite whatever you do within those ambitions of movement.  Reality, all around us is moving at an intensity, with or without any need for the human purpose. The question is; should one be overly conscious of ones actions or movement and the changes that occur within time?   Deep mediation, slows down actions, shortens the dilation of time.  In it’s certainty for us and this Universe, there will be a beginning and an end.   Our defiance, as slight as it maybe, against the predicament of reality is turning off from the relentlessness of time.  In some ways this is what we can control within the self.  This is the essence of meditation.


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