Cold War 2 (update 13) South China Sea, North Korean flash-point. G20 ‘Globalists’ fold for China.

It is a sad irony of the West and it’s dependence on countries that provide trade benefits as a reliance on consumption, whether that be oil resources (despite the fact the West has enough oil surplus to disengage from the Middle East) or just consumption of raw materials and production of cheap ‘products’ that being China.  The veil (or fog of war) of a new cold war has ascended over the world.  This is primely  because of globalisation and the continuation of trade routes and supply chains connected to despot countries.  Which at any point can be used as leverage against the sensibilities of Western diplomacy (when it works) – as discussed in Cold War 2 (update 11) South China Sea, North Korean flash-point it has been an absurd implementation (and at the West’s detriment), while at the same time (proxy) wars are waged in the Middle East and tensions with China via the South China Sea.  North Korea was and is the attack dog for China within that region.

While the the citizens of the world have been caught in the crossfire between countries in the Middle East and their vested interests (support by either one or the other superpower).  With a nuclear arms race about to go into overkill as China will continue to allow North Korea to be Nuclear armed, while China will also tighten it’s grip on the South China Sea trade routes.  South Korea, Taiwan and Japan – to maintain a balance of power in the region will also have to be Nuked armed.

From CNN

Lately, Trump has expressed some impatience on China’s role in North Korea – particularly after Pyongyang launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that some experts believe could have the range to reach Alaska, and parts of the U.S. West Coast.

His administration made new arms sales to Taiwan, imposed sanctions on two Chinese citizens and a shipping company and put China on a global human trafficking list. It also accused a Chinese bank of laundering money for Pyongyang.

The White House is also debating trade actions against Beijing, including tariffs on its steel exports and a few days before the G20 talks, Trump complained that trade between China and North Korea had grown.

But he showed none of that impatience on Saturday, when the leaders met at the invitation of Xi at the tail end of the G20 in Germany.

“It’s an honor to have you as a friend,” Trump told Xi, telling him he appreciated actions he had already taken on North Korea.

“As far as North Korea is concerned, we will have, eventually, success. It may take longer than I’d like. It may take longer than you’d like. But there will be success in the end one way or the other,” Trump said.


Since the G20 and Trump folded on China’s re North Korea.  There will  be another (North Korean) missile test soon.


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