Heliot Emil men’s Spring/Summer 2018 – New York (overview)


(Image from www.hypebeast.com)

As noted from some of the Paris Spring Summer men’s shows, there is a renewed interest in an urban ‘combat’ look.  Not overly original as over the last ten years or so, designers have dabbled with tactical combat looks as a fashion trend.  The creative stress is trying to develop a look that is unique and different to what has occurred in the past.  So far with the reemergence of the combative style trend in fashion, there are moments of originality pushing through.

Heliot Emil is a new brand that I know very little about.  Their take on the combat inspired attire under the banner “Post-traumatic combat stress” probably isn’t that tactful in respect to veterans who actually endure and suffer from PTSD.   Or maybe they are referring to the stress of being creative designers for Heliot Emil, as a new brand, trying to make it within an inundated world where there are too many clothing brands.

Heliot Emil Spring/Summer 2018 collection holds potential for an emerging fashion brand.


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