Temples of Pandæmonium – Artificial Intelligence


The fears of Artificial Intelligence taking over human kind in some shape or form, whether that be replacing us in employment and industries, or in speculative science fiction sense – destroying us. Are unfounded.  The human condition is  fraught, problematic and irrational.  Yet is has the potentiality to become great.  You only have to see news reports in relation to wars, corruption and  inequality (wealth) throughout the world. The change or reconfiguring of human beings should be seen as a positive, not as an negative.  So therefor reconciling oneself as an attempt at changing and bettering oneself is humanities priority.

A.I may be able to do this, to rationalize human behavior by showing us the problems of our messy, and at times, primitive psychology.  In economics there is a term called ‘creative destruction’ meaning a new industry disrupts supply and demand, as the old industry fades away.  We accept this within modern economics. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to impact not just on industry, but on human nature – to change it for the better.



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