Defeatist excuses for the “Fermi Paradox”; Philosophic ramblings as a self absorbed analysis.

converted PNM file

(“Pale Blue dot”.  Bright planet under Saturn’s rings is Earth)

Quite straight forward really, as a critic against defeatist human-centric philosophical  theory that holds very little weight, if you look at objectively, but at time matches the equally defeatist scientific (rare Earth hypothesis theory) view point that extraterrestrial life was (in relation to the Great Filter theory of the Fermi paradox)  identical to human life within evolution and industrialization – and it destroyed itself.  As in it’s essence is a fatalistic viewpoint on life and the adaption and advancement of life within the Universe.    Anthropocentric theory would neutralize a defeatist anti-human theory that life, like philosophers such as Nick Bostrom and writer David Wallace-Wells (political tinged ramble) have benchmarked, such as our primitive, at this point in time, development will not make it further within the scale of advancement –  as far as gauging against undetectable technologically superior life within the Universe.   It is that impatience of why we cannot see, hear or even know if there are advanced lifeforms in our Galaxy and the Universe

At this point, the lack of  intuitive analysis and essentially anti humanistic viewpoints, is that human beings will alter the natural cycle and contribute to global warming that will wipe us out.  The poor and misguided assumption is that this situation, unique to us, has occurred elsewhere in the cosmos.  It is not even worth a rebuttal, accept to say that nature, the Universe and the construct that we know within physics, does not care about life.  It’s threat against us is more prolific than our threat against it.  The threats from an indifference and uncaring Universe range from comets, meteorites and gamma ray busts.  Maybe even the odd black hole lurking close by.  Global warming is real, and as mentioned, quite possibly unique to our development as a life-form within Universe.  And yes, it needs to be seen as problem.  But, it is NOT a doomsday scenario that was duplicated elsewhere as it should not be equated to a guess that an alien race wiped it’s self out – via climate change.

The cosmos if vastly more violent and destructive than we could ever be to ourselves.


In relation to the Businessweek  article “The reason some scientists think we’ve never found aliens implies humans could go extinct sooner than we realise



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