Overzealous Astronomers, rushed press releases: ET signals.



Image from: http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2016/06/04/uncertain-future-for-earths-biggest-telescope/ All credit to Nadia Drake)

Once again, despite the expected skepticism related within the report, astronomers at the The Arecibo Observatory who discovered something “unusual” recently (which wasn’t really that unusual compared to the scale of natural possibilities) rushes a press release, posting it, where else, but on “Twitter” (the postmodern commie philosopher Jean Baudrillard would be turning in his grave).  A fast paced overenthusiastic desire to ensure a media spotlight (15 mins or so ode to Andy Warhol).  Of course with the countless reports of Alien signal misfires, the initial assumptions have always been that the signals or interference are from man-made sources, which for the most part are high orbit geostationary satellites.  And yes, the follow up report did indeed show that is was a satellite.  For credibility to be maintained, it would be prudent for scientists searching for extraterrestrial life to have zero expectations of finding anything.  Sans the race to be the ones that discover first contact.  Any rushed reports, over enthusiasm and/or sloppy science will further hit not just credibility – but maybe funding for future projects.

Since the discovery of Pulsars in the 1960s,  which emit a lighthouse style radio signal from it’s highly magnetized Neutron star – were discovered as not being alien signals.  It would be safe to say after more than 100 years of radio astronomy and with the advancement and precision of newer radio telescope technology.    That Aliens may not be communicating within the electromagnetic spectrum.  The question could be asked.  Why would they?  A messy and chaotic disbursement of natural radio signals within the Universe – would always be a clumsy form of communication for an advanced race of beings.

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