Asteroid 2017 001 nearly hit the Earth: 20th July 2017.


(Image from Wikipedia of known asteroids in our Solar System and size comparison)

Trajectory of asteroid 2017 001 which nearly hit the Earth on the 20th July 2017

In understanding that our true threats, as discussed in Anthropocentric survival: Killer Asteroids, are from Nature (not from within the human race), more so as the late Carl Sagan was once said “The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. ”  It could be now argued that ‘indifference’ could be seen as hostility.  Yes, we have the potentiality to destroy ourselves, but the Universe could not only destroy humanity but remove all trace that we existed at all.  As our telescopes and astronomical detectors become more precise.  The realization that either life is rare or in a speculative sense via the Fermi Paradox, advanced alien life has moved on or away from a Universe, which in all retrospect, is anti-life.


“An asteroid flew pretty close to Earth last week. It missed us, you may have noticed. But we didn’t spot it until three days after it had flown past, which is a pretty terrifying reminder about the dangers asteroids pose to our world. Asteroid 2017 001 was about 37 to 77 meters (121 to 252 feet) across. It came about a third as close as the Moon, 123,031 kilometers (76,448 miles) from our planet, which is a pretty safe distance. It flew past at some point in the night of July 20 at a speed of about 10.36 kilometers (6.4 miles) per second. However, it was not until July 23 that we spotted the asteroid, after it had passed Earth, thanks to the ATLAS-MLO telescope in Hawaii. That’s, you know, not great. “Asteroid 2017 OO1 is an important reminder that we need to do a better job at detecting even small-sized asteroids early,” Grigorij Richters, the founder of Asteroid Day that seeks to raise awareness about asteroids, told IFLScience. “Small asteroids can cause significant regional damage and we are the only species that can do something about this cosmic hazard. Just ask the dinosaurs!”

“…For a bit of comparison, the Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded over Russia in 2013 was about 20 meters (65 feet feet) across. That injured hundreds, and caused considerable damage including shattering windows.In 1908, the famous Tunguska meteor – measuring 50 to 100 meters (165 to 330 feet) across – exploded over Siberia. It flattened about 80 million trees over an area of 2,000 square kilometers (770 square miles), although fortunately no one was killed. That’s almost the area of Luxembourg.”

Overzealous Astronomers, rushed press releases: ET signals.



Image from: All credit to Nadia Drake)

Once again, despite the expected skepticism related within the report, astronomers at the The Arecibo Observatory who discovered something “unusual” recently (which wasn’t really that unusual compared to the scale of natural possibilities) rushes a press release, posting it, where else, but on “Twitter” (the postmodern commie philosopher Jean Baudrillard would be turning in his grave).  A fast paced overenthusiastic desire to ensure a media spotlight (15 mins or so ode to Andy Warhol).  Of course with the countless reports of Alien signal misfires, the initial assumptions have always been that the signals or interference are from man-made sources, which for the most part are high orbit geostationary satellites.  And yes, the follow up report did indeed show that is was a satellite.  For credibility to be maintained, it would be prudent for scientists searching for extraterrestrial life to have zero expectations of finding anything.  Sans the race to be the ones that discover first contact.  Any rushed reports, over enthusiasm and/or sloppy science will further hit not just credibility – but maybe funding for future projects.

Since the discovery of Pulsars in the 1960s,  which emit a lighthouse style radio signal from it’s highly magnetized Neutron star – were discovered as not being alien signals.  It would be safe to say after more than 100 years of radio astronomy and with the advancement and precision of newer radio telescope technology.    That Aliens may not be communicating within the electromagnetic spectrum.  The question could be asked.  Why would they?  A messy and chaotic disbursement of natural radio signals within the Universe – would always be a clumsy form of communication for an advanced race of beings.

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Defeatist excuses for the “Fermi Paradox”; Philosophic ramblings as a self absorbed analysis.

converted PNM file

(“Pale Blue dot”.  Bright planet under Saturn’s rings is Earth)

Quite straight forward really, as a critic against defeatist human-centric philosophical  theory that holds very little weight, if you look at objectively, but at time matches the equally defeatist scientific (rare Earth hypothesis theory) view point that extraterrestrial life was (in relation to the Great Filter theory of the Fermi paradox)  identical to human life within evolution and industrialization – and it destroyed itself.  As in it’s essence is a fatalistic viewpoint on life and the adaption and advancement of life within the Universe.    Anthropocentric theory would neutralize a defeatist anti-human theory that life, like philosophers such as Nick Bostrom and writer David Wallace-Wells (political tinged ramble) have benchmarked, such as our primitive, at this point in time, development will not make it further within the scale of advancement –  as far as gauging against undetectable technologically superior life within the Universe.   It is that impatience of why we cannot see, hear or even know if there are advanced lifeforms in our Galaxy and the Universe

At this point, the lack of  intuitive analysis and essentially anti humanistic viewpoints, is that human beings will alter the natural cycle and contribute to global warming that will wipe us out.  The poor and misguided assumption is that this situation, unique to us, has occurred elsewhere in the cosmos.  It is not even worth a rebuttal, accept to say that nature, the Universe and the construct that we know within physics, does not care about life.  It’s threat against us is more prolific than our threat against it.  The threats from an indifference and uncaring Universe range from comets, meteorites and gamma ray busts.  Maybe even the odd black hole lurking close by.  Global warming is real, and as mentioned, quite possibly unique to our development as a life-form within Universe.  And yes, it needs to be seen as problem.  But, it is NOT a doomsday scenario that was duplicated elsewhere as it should not be equated to a guess that an alien race wiped it’s self out – via climate change.

The cosmos if vastly more violent and destructive than we could ever be to ourselves.


In relation to the Businessweek  article “The reason some scientists think we’ve never found aliens implies humans could go extinct sooner than we realise


A cosmic explosion that cannot be explained.


(Gif image from NASA)

This is very interesting, a cosmic explosion that neither resembles a Black Hole devouring a Neutron star or a Neutron star exploding which in turn creates a Gamma Ray Burst.  All fall under the X-Ray spectrum, yet with this particular violent event within the cosmos, it has yet to correlate with existing data on similar observed Cataclysmic events.


The X-ray source, located in a region of the sky known as the Chandra Deep Field-South (CDF-S), has remarkable properties. Prior to October 2014, this source was not detected in X-rays, but then it erupted and became at least a factor of 1,000 brighter in a few hours. After about a day, the source had faded completely below the sensitivity of Chandra.

…Thousands of hours of legacy data from the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes helped determine that the event likely came from a faint, small galaxy about 10.7 billion light years from Earth. For a few minutes, the X-ray source produced a thousand times more energy than all the stars in this galaxy.

Ever since discovering this source, we’ve been struggling to understand its origin,” said Franz Bauer of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago, Chile. “It’s like we have a jigsaw puzzle but we don’t have all of the pieces.”

Two of the three main possibilities to explain the X-ray source invoke gamma-ray burst (GRB) events. GRBs are jetted explosions triggered either by the collapse of a massive star or by the merger of a neutron star with another neutron star or a black hole. If the jet is pointing towards the Earth, a burst of gamma rays is detected. As the jet expands, it loses energy and produces weaker, more isotropic radiation at X-ray and other wavelengths….”

“…None of these ideas fits the data perfectly,” said co-author Ezequiel Treister, also of the Pontifical Catholic University, “but then again, we’ve rarely if ever seen any of the proposed possibilities in actual data, so we don’t understand them well at all.”

The mysterious X-ray source was not seen at any other time during the two and a half months of exposure time Chandra has observed the CDF-S region, which has been spread out over the past 17 years. Moreover, no similar events have yet to be found in Chandra observations of other parts of the sky…”

“We may have observed a completely new type of cataclysmic event,” said co-author Kevin Schawinski, of ETH Zurich in Switzerland. “Whatever it is, a lot more observations are needed to work out what we’re seeing.”

The cosmic ‘Cold Spot’. Possible detention of a Parallel Universe.


(Image from ESA and Durham University via

A Cold Spot is a region of our Universe that when measured by background radiation it is significantly colder to other surrounding areas within the Cosmos.  The mainstay theory for this “Cold Spot” is the presence of a Super-void,  a massive region of the Universe that holds fewer Galaxies.  The common theory, which has been recently challenged, is that these Voids are in an aliment to a CMB cold spot, which in-turn decreases the energy of cosmic microwave background (CMB) photons, known in physics as the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect – thus causing a region of the Universe to be colder than other cosmic structures.  Measurement and calculations from Ruari Mackenzi and Professor Tom Shanks at Durham University’s Center for Extragalactic Astronomy believe that a Super-void is not the reason that a colder region of Space exists.  In their recent paper they hypothesize through analyzing  Super-void data, that any ‘unlikely’ fluctuation devoid of the standard model of the Big Bang, may lead to an exotic explanation for this abnormality.   Which brings the Parallel Universe theory into play.


Even without a supervoid in the way, the team estimates a likelihood that the Cold Spot appeared by random chance as 1 in 50. According to Shanks, “This means we can’t entirely rule out that the Spot is caused by an unlikely fluctuation explained by the standard model. But if that isn’t the answer, then there are more exotic explanations.”

Such exotic explanations, he says, include “a collision between our universe and another bubble universe. If further, more detailed, analysis of CMB data proves this to be the case then the Cold Spot might be taken as the first evidence for the multiverse – and billions of other universes may exist like our own.”

The multiverse describes a set of infinite universes, which includes the one in which we live. To date, no evidence has been found that the multiverse is more than science fiction, but researchers are continually pushing the boundaries of the observable universe to determine whether this concept is fact or fiction. While at the moment the Cold Spot is certainly not definitive evidence of a multiverse, it does indicate a problem in our standard cosmological model that may need addressing if the cause of the temperature fluctuation in this area remains unclear

These topic of Voids and Parallel Universes were discussed in my last book Cataclysmal.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) using Neutrinos to communicate?


(Daya Bay Neutrino detector in China.  Image from the public domain)

I’ve written about Neutrinos from an ETI origin as opposed to natural occurrences from within the Universe, as one of the main themes in my new book Cataclysmal.  Synopsis:



An object, the size of a Hypergiant star has appeared close to our Solar System. In conjunction with an unusual detection of the elusive ‘Ghost Particle’ known as the Neutrino. An astrophysical mystery unfolds. As the political and social dynamics on Earth change and a new Cold War has begun. There is an urgent race against time to investigate the strange phenomenon. Dr Elly Jansky acclaimed author, Astrophysicist and Cosmologist has been asked to assist in the investigation of this cosmic aberration. While the military, amidst global tensions, monitor the structure as an attempt to determine if the object is a threat against the Earth. The eminent physicist Professor Ivane Tori aware that Space time, within it’s distortion of what we deem as reality, knows that the impending danger against humanity may not be the strange abnormality, but something more sinister. Elly Jansky must complete Professor Tori’s equations to reveal the meaning of the Cataclysmal.

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“To this array of search methods, Dr. Jones offers a few other possibilities. One way is to look for neutrinos, a type of subatomic particle that is produced by the decay of radioactive elements and interacts with matter very weakly. This allows them to pass through solid matter and also makes them very difficult to detect. Neutrinos are produced in large quantities by the sun and astronomical sources, but they can also be produced artificially by nuclear reactors.

These, claims Jones, could be used for the sake of communications. The only problem is that looking for them would require some specialized equipment. Currently, all means of detecting neutrinos involve expensive facilities that have to be built either underground or in extremely isolated locations to ensure that they are not subject to any kind of electromagnetic interference.”

It’s back. KIC 8462852 or Tabby’s star is dimming once again.


(Our Sun  is a G-type star, Tabby’s star is a F-type.  Image above did not have attached copyright.  Therefor it is considered a public domain.  Advisable for creators of images to embed ‘rights’ into image)

I have been following these light ‘dipping’ abnormalities attached to the findings for KIC 8462852 or Tabby’s star, as an analytical (in a journalistic sense) observer, since October 2015.  For all my Tabby’s star posts please refer to this link.

KIC 8462852 is showing signs of losing it’s illumination once again, seen in May 2017,  there has been an apparent large drop in it’s brightness.  Up to this point in time there has only been numerous speculative guesses within the scientific realm.  But most are just that – an educated guess.  Modeling is still based on assumptions via current known observations from other stars and their light dipping/planetary transits.  However when it comes to a drop in a star’s brightness Tabby’s star is in a realm of it’s own.

Astronomers at University of Valencia in Spain believe they have found the answer to the riddle of Tabby’s star.  The smaller F-type star has had a transit by a huge ringed planet, like Saturn, which is also trailing a mass of asteroids that equals a mass such as Jupiter.   KIC 8462852 is considered a F-type main-sequence star and our Sun is a G-type main-sequence star, which is slightly smaller and cooler than Tabby’s Star.  The theory  of a massive ringed planet and a trail of super dense asteroids moving in front of a star that is larger than our Sun, is as abnormal as the witnessed light dipping – but with one exception, the light discrepancies KIC 8462852 have been observed.

The mystery will continue.

The article: Rings and asteroids may explain ‘alien megastructure’ star from New Scientist. 30th May 2017