Very short story prompt (15)


(Titan ll, no longer in use.  The warhead it carried was at 9 Megatons: 9000 Kiltons of TNT)

It’s indifference maybe, but it doesn’t care about humanity.  The Universe.  Hydrogen fusion generated.  Not made for us, but we harness the destroy of worlds.   Alone in the cosmos, our true enemy is defined by it’s hatred towards life.  Thermonuclear stockpiles, aimed at the human race.  Nuclear fusion the ultimate power of stars as they die and be reborn.  But we won’t.  Locked on targets, 20 minutes before a whole civilization is left in ruins.

Theocratic lunacy, no after life.  Just here and now.  Our children with their untold suffering will ascend into nothing.  Radiation across the lands, like planetary dead zones.  Why bother searching for life, when we hold nothing of worth for our selfs.  We, the human being,  a rarity in it’s microcosmic infancy.  Yet to grow,  out true potential still not reached.  When we look up at the stars.  Revere I may, but submit I will not.


The cosmic ‘Cold Spot’. Possible detention of a Parallel Universe.


(Image from ESA and Durham University via

A Cold Spot is a region of our Universe that when measured by background radiation it is significantly colder to other surrounding areas within the Cosmos.  The mainstay theory for this “Cold Spot” is the presence of a Super-void,  a massive region of the Universe that holds fewer Galaxies.  The common theory, which has been recently challenged, is that these Voids are in an aliment to a CMB cold spot, which in-turn decreases the energy of cosmic microwave background (CMB) photons, known in physics as the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect – thus causing a region of the Universe to be colder than other cosmic structures.  Measurement and calculations from Ruari Mackenzi and Professor Tom Shanks at Durham University’s Center for Extragalactic Astronomy believe that a Super-void is not the reason that a colder region of Space exists.  In their recent paper they hypothesize through analyzing  Super-void data, that any ‘unlikely’ fluctuation devoid of the standard model of the Big Bang, may lead to an exotic explanation for this abnormality.   Which brings the Parallel Universe theory into play.


Even without a supervoid in the way, the team estimates a likelihood that the Cold Spot appeared by random chance as 1 in 50. According to Shanks, “This means we can’t entirely rule out that the Spot is caused by an unlikely fluctuation explained by the standard model. But if that isn’t the answer, then there are more exotic explanations.”

Such exotic explanations, he says, include “a collision between our universe and another bubble universe. If further, more detailed, analysis of CMB data proves this to be the case then the Cold Spot might be taken as the first evidence for the multiverse – and billions of other universes may exist like our own.”

The multiverse describes a set of infinite universes, which includes the one in which we live. To date, no evidence has been found that the multiverse is more than science fiction, but researchers are continually pushing the boundaries of the observable universe to determine whether this concept is fact or fiction. While at the moment the Cold Spot is certainly not definitive evidence of a multiverse, it does indicate a problem in our standard cosmological model that may need addressing if the cause of the temperature fluctuation in this area remains unclear

These topic of Voids and Parallel Universes were discussed in my last book Cataclysmal.

Les Hommes men’s Spring Summer 2018 – Milan Fashion Week (overview)



(Images from All credit to Les Hommes)

Les Hommes creative directors Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch have set forth a bold, strong and focused representation for their men’s Spring 2018 collection. Neatly cut and arranged styles, with a not-so-subtle acknowledgement to 1977 London Punk, a fashionable take on the first wave of UK punk aesthetics – with it’s do it your self ad-hoc stitching, ‘safety pin’ inspired jewelery pieces (seen as an accessory on the faces and ears of the male models), leather jackets and layered belts.  A defined look that was more of an original predecessor to the other ‘waves’ of Punk to follow.  Although not to be mistaken that the collection by Notte and Vandebosch allows it’s self to be too reminiscent of the patchwork punk styles of yesteryear.  Their Spring 2018 collection for Les Hommes, despite the influences of DIY, is purely luxury driven.

Leather jackets, t-shirts and athletic short sleeved hoodies, baggy wool trousers and striking dragon embroidery work on jackets, with the punk influenced zips and draped belts with their leopard pattern styles which appear on several outfits ranging from full suits, pants, hooded vests and bomber jackets.  Modern and masculine styles are also present with Les Hommes’s innovative footwear and sleekly cut shorts and cotton tank-tops.    Also noted is the creative leather cross-stitch work on some of the beige (the only color) pieces in this collection, mixed with the use of black and white as a prominent achromatic fixture for Notte and Vandebosch’s Spring 2018 collection.


“Mirrored Dualities” (Adrian Glass) for ColourSpace.


(“Mirrored Dualities” at Inspire9 co-working space Melbourne, Australia)

“What inspires my art ranges from science, physics, philosophy, metaphysical with aesthetics of the occult.  A fusion of  material structure and it’s remodeling to determine our place in the cosmos.   A defiance against the natural order, while understating it’s mechanics, knowing that the Universe may not be benign, but in fact hostile.”

Adrian Glass

For enquires please contact, or at ColourSpace

G.Dnak men’s Spring Summer 2018 – London Fashion Week




(Images from Alessandro Lucioni /Alessandro Lucioni/IMAXTREE.COM via

Creative director DongJun Kang‘s first London showcasing for his Spring 2018 collection proves G.Dnak’s versatility in moving into European markets, away from an extensive Asian presence.  A talented and stalwart designer who has established a very unique Korean take on the Avant-garde.  In respect to adherents of Yohji Yamamoto’s huge presence in Asia, more so Japan.  It is prudent that Eastern fashion designers source their own distinction as clothing brands.  Which is not to duplicate others.   D.Gnak is able to hold that original dynamic as an established fashion house based in South Korea.   Kang’s Spring Summer 2018 collection is, as noted from past shows, tailored and fitted well on the models, revealing further proof that Kang’s debut at London Fashion week holds the weight needed for D.Gnak to ensure it’s expression of his unique style – with it’s duality of Eastern Taoist beliefs of two opposites that makes the whole.  As noted in D.Gnak. Spring/Summer 2017 – Seoul Fashion Week , it is Kang’s respect to his South Korean heritage, which can also be see on the flag of South Korea, Taoism and the Tao Te Ching.  It is the “inevitable interaction” of the Ying and Yang.  The merging of Eastern and Western aesthetics.

For G.Dnak’s SS 2018 collection, there is an obvious starkness of black and it’s achromatic void seen as the first part of this collection, reworked wool blazers and de-constructed suits.  This is Kang melding the Eastern and Western urban styles.  City wear in an overcrowded (post-globalism) metropolis, a uniqueness that holds an original UK punk look.  It bears similarities to Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood’s 1976 ‘Sex shop’  41 years ago.    Belt straps and the ‘fashion’ accessory of bondage influences, all the while remodeling formal wear without disrespecting it.  Deep gold yellow representing the balance of Yin and Yang.  Promoted as long coats with a street styled aspect, once again a contemporary urban look.  Portraying a smart, sleek and resilient style.  Kang has also used yellow as a color against black, from a Western perspective within the color spectrum – yellow is seen before any other colors against the non reflective black.  When combined it represents a warning.

Beige and White, with dashes of red, as the completion G.Dnak’s Spring Summer 2018 collection for London Fashion week.   An encompassing tribute to Eastern Taoist philosophical and it’s heritage fusing it’s dualities within Western (early) punk aesthetics.  A respectful acknowledgement from Dong-Jun Kang to the city that is your host.




Kiko Kostadinov men’s Spring Summer 2018 – London Fashion Week (overview)

Kiko Kostadinov Men's Spring 2018

(Images from NY Times.  Credited to Now Fashion)

Kiko Kostadinov is clearly a talented designer, establishing his brand as a viable entry into the Avant-garde world of fashion.  Showing promising signs with his distinctly themed collections which are now evolving into a unique style.

For Kostadinov’s sleekly cut modernist styles for Spring Summer 2018, there is a mix of formal and casual under his luxury ensemble.   An industrial look, which also could relate to a futurist concept of post globalised world to a dystopic vision within urban environments.  Seen before with other established designers such as Rick Owens.    A stylized projection of formal wear, remodeled into the designers vision – and very cleverly presented.  This SS2018 collection is skillfully arranged and fitted, which you can tell as seen on the models.  Kostadinov’s attention to detail is impressive with the use of grays, dark blue and burgundy as the main color spectrum.  Also noting is white being mixed in, with yellow while at the same time not utilizing the achromatic of black.  A good lesson learned is that you can create a dark Avant-garde collection without the use of black.

Of course one could not miss the homage to 1986 movie “Manhunter” via the halfway pulled down stocking over the head of the models; in reference to the serial killer (fictional) the ‘Tooth Fairy’.