Alexander Wang – New York Fashion Week 2015/2016 (RTW)

2015 New York Fashion week has delivered a slew (amongst the mix) of ‘fuck you‘ collections.  What is a fuck you collection?  The opposite to niceties and/or immoderation in a buyers market.  Alexander Wang quite possibly has topped it with his ready-to-wear representation.  Hard to fathom, apart from the Gothic delineation, in it’s robotic and dystopia combat attire – but what comes to mind is the current turmoil in the world, the real time Baudrillard ‘simulacrum’ killings, fiber optically beamed into our living rooms.  The climatic excess of media bombardment and the luxury of the overabundance of irrelevance.   For this rejection there needs to be blank styles, yet strong aesthetics.  A rebellion against the self, the internal war that needs to be fought.  Once won, we can than move into the cosmos.  Till then we are angry ants being laughed at by the gods.  Alexander Wang has truly presented one of the most unsettling collections for 2015.

For previous commentary on various collections, refer to older blog “Fashion” link.


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