“Xeno-Structuralism” (Adrian Glass)


Is the alien the design or the design the alien? In a Xeo- Structured world, from simulated realities in games, to the virtual reality and it’s augmented conceptualization. It is us, the human, that is the creation of worlds. That we developed the construct, the mastery of imagination to harness the possibilities of life that is beyond comprehension, yet divisible in it’s possibilities. This is, unprecedented in our history, the realization that our biogenics within it’s current limitations – may never advance beyond what we know as the physics of Space travel and more importantly the search for extraterrestrial contact. Rather it becomes a tantalizing burden on our psyche, this is not a critique of the drive for answers, more so it’s definition as an absolute averment to imprint that desire of what we may not ever know, as it will be the imagination, which will then create a relevance to our existence. To simulate the countless futures and to live in that future within the contemporary. As the past no longer exists and our future may never transpire. The Xeno-Structuralism therefor materializes, from redesigning the aesthetics of what we already perceive, to change reality, make it more so, from architecture through to fashion. As mentioned, we now have the visual technology that resides in the virtual world to achieve this, but also in a tangible construct within the non-virtual world. We are not confined to the Euclidean geometry, which could be argued has stifled our world. It is the non-Euclidean and parallel worlds that will give us the beginnings of a structuralist purpose and create the Xeno.

Manifesto of Xeno-Structuralism

(From Cataclysmal (2017). https://www.amazon.com/CATACLYSMAL-Adrian-Glass-ebook/dp/B06XC95QH2/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 All credit to the author Adrian Glass.)


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